Ambrose Bye, guitar Aliah Rosenthal harmonica performing at the Allen Ginsberg Howl Happening book launch in New York City.

Olivia Locher: Video Aliah Rosenthal: Cello Steven Hall: Guitar and Vocals Brandon Locher: Engineer Song by Arthur Russell

Ambrose Bye, son of poet Anne Waldman, who grew up at Naropa and heard Ginsberg sing many times, covers Ginsberg's pop treatment of Buddhist doctrine. He is accompanied by Devon Waldman and Ginsberg's godson, Aliah A. Rosenthal.

Poet Ann Waldman, longtime Naropa colleague of Allen Ginsberg, sings "Bardo Corridor" from her book "In The Room of Never Grieve" at the celebration of the re-release of "First Blues," Ginsberg's first collection of songs. Ann's musical accompaniment are her sons Ambrose Bye, Devon Waldman, and Allen Ginsberg's Godson Aliah A. Rosenthal.

VARSITY DRAG's Ben, Aliah and Lisa take a crack at Big Star's "Blue Moon"--the very song they had planned to play last week at the Armory--before Mr. Chilton's untimely passing. (Such a beautiful song. Hope we didn't massacre it too bad.) :-) More Varsity Drag at

Music & Lyrics by Jerry Jean & Christina Li © 2013 iTunes: Spotify: Vocals: Jerry Jean Vocals: Christina Li Piano, violin, percussion: Jerry Jean Cello: Aliah Rosenthal Mastering: Dan Millice Video directed by Jerry Jean & Jen Painter Edited by Jerry Jean Jen: Get Connected!

 Album's up and live on and you can also stream it free at

The acoustiDrag takes on this old chestnut. Guess my telling them to keep the lights low during our set (for everyone's sake) meant that video was gonna be a muddy affair, ah well. Aliah totally nailed the cello part I wrote for him, like, only the week before--kudos, man.

At a Memorial given for Elodie Lauten and John Sherman: Ernie Brooks (bass), Steven Hall (guitar), Bill Ruyle (hammer dulcimer), Anu [Joyce] Bowden (vocal), James Duncan (trumpet), Walter Baker (guitar), Aliah Rosenthal (cello)

Johnny Arguedas (vox) Beth Holub (violin) Aliah Rosenthal (electric cello) Roger Lavallee (bass) Ken Rothman (one note guitar) PJ Aspesi (green drums) thanks to Louis Neidorf for the artsy filming